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John Buffin(non-registered)
Hi Cindy,

I hadn't been they your galleries in a long time. You have a great collection of work.

Great photos, i would like frame them on the wall.
Was that death valley pictures taken at night or just some color corrected photos? Because, I am so attracted, and even mesmerized by the color tone and the shade of that particular photo. One thing I noted was, that you editing skills are awesome.
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Jorge Barcala(non-registered)
I`m from uruguay, love yours photos.
Kirstin Synnestvedt(non-registered)
Your work is stunning! I never tire of looking at it. Thank you for the art you are giving to all of us.
Jennifer Ramos, D.C.(non-registered)
Wow!!. Cindy, you are truly talented! What an eye. Great framing and color. You have captured the mood in every single photo in your gallery. You should look into the Professional Art Fair in Mundelein to display your work. A talent like yours should have maximum exposure.
I'm so proud of you. Keep up the terrific work!
Dennis Dyl(non-registered)
Love your Chicago work, how about Milwaukee
Hey Cindy- Love the Chicago pics- Was just looking through it with Finny. She loves your work!
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